A little about me

Brand Matters.

After working as an independent art director for 13 years, in 2013 I decided that I wanted to be part of something bigger — a chance to take my skill set and share it with a team of like-minded creatives. Leading a team of designers, writers, video and production peeps has been a game changer. I relish coming to work each day, championing our team and pushing the brand forward. Now I'm looking for a new opportunity. Change is energizing for me. I rearrange the furniture in our house all the time, it makes my husband crazy (but I'm pretty sure he secretly loves it). 

I'm nuts about:

  • Horses and dogs

  • Lavender lattes

  • The Sunday New York Times

  • Rainy days

  • The sound of crickets

  • My Fitbit

I've had the pleasure of working alongside some passionate and creative people over my career, and nothing is more rewarding than watching a concept grow into a fully-realized solution. I hope we can work together. Get in touch!


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